Dungeon Reset Review

Should have died but did not.



The life of a person in a game-like world with no fighting skills. It is good but slow and repetitive. The story is creative and funny.


Dungeon Reset

It is a bit slow and repetitive but funny with a fresh story.

Pros Cons
➕ Funny ➖ Fights
➕ Story ➖ Slow
➖ Repetitive


Gods are using humans from multiple dimensions to fight in a game-like world. Humans then can level up and get skills much like an RPG game. It is a lore that has been used quite a bit. The main difference between this Manhwa is that the players go through dungeons and these dungeons get reset and new players come in endlessly


The main character becomes a bug in the system as he was supposed to be dead as the dungeon reset and he survives. He then goes on to learn all about the rules in the game and how it affects him. He keeps finding bugs and loopholes in the system because of his buggy status. The story is slow and repetitive at times but is quite interesting and funny.

Main Character

Dawun has no skill to fight monsters only a purification skill; That makes him useless in hunting monsters. He finds clever ways to get around his lack of power. He is a fun character to watch. There is very little character development.

Final thoughts

It is an ok Manhwa to read. It is a less battle-focused game inspired Manhwa. The story is interesting and funny.