Peerless Dad Review

A father will do anything for his children.



Peerless Dad is a Korean web novel and manga series about Gajang Noh, a martial arts master who becomes a single father of three children after his wife’s death. He tries to balance his work as a mercenary with his family life, while also training his children in martial arts.


Peerless Dad

It is an enjoyable read for fans of martial arts fiction who also appreciate family values.

Pros Cons
➕ Development ➖ Pace
➕ Lore ➖ Clichés
➕ Emotional ➖ Romance
➕ Funny


The story is set in a fantasy world where martial arts are divided into different schools and factions. There are also supernatural beings such as demons, dragons, and gods that influence the world.


The plot follows Gajang Noh’s adventures as he encounters various enemies and allies in his work as a mercenary. He also faces challenges as a father who wants to protect and educate his children. He gradually learns more about his own past and destiny as he meets people related to his wife’s family.

The main characters

Gajang Noh, his three children (Noh Sooah, Noh Changgong, and Noh Haengbok), and his friends (such as Yulian Provoke from Red Storm). They have different personalities and skills that complement each other.


The appeal of this title is its mix of action, comedy, drama, and family themes. It shows how Gajang Noh grows as a person and a parent through his experiences. It also has impressive fight scenes that showcase different styles of martial arts.

➕ Well-developed characters

➕ Humorous moments

➕ Emotional depth

➕ world-building.

➖ Its slow pace at times

➖ Inconsistent updates due to hiatuses

➖ Lack of romance for Gajang Noh (so far)

➖ Reliance on clichés (such as hidden identities).

Final thoughts

Peerless Dad is an enjoyable read for fans of martial arts fiction who also appreciate family values. It has a lot of potential to explore more aspects of its world and characters.