The Breaker 3 Eternal Force Review

So glad it continues.



The Breaker 3: Eternal Force is a Korean webtoon that continues the story of The Breaker series. It follows Ha-Jae, a bullied teenager who is saved from suicide by a mysterious martial artist named Chun-Woo. Ha-Jae becomes Chun-Woo’s disciple and learns about the hidden world of martial arts clans and their conflicts.


The Breaker 3 Eternal Force

It is worth reading if you are a fan of the previous seasons of The Breaker.

Pros Cons
➕ Art ➖ Art
➕ Development ➖ Name
➕ Lore ➖ Pace
➖ Plot


The Breaker series is set in a modern-day world where martial arts clans exist secretly and wield great power and influence. The clans are divided into two factions: the Murim Alliance, which seeks to maintain peace and order among the clans; and the S.U.C., which seeks to overthrow the Alliance and create chaos. The main characters are involved in various battles and intrigues involving these factions, as well as other enemies and allies.


The Breaker 3: Eternal Force begins with Ha-Jae’s attempted suicide on the rooftop of his school. He is pushed off by Chun-Woo, who reveals himself to be a powerful martial artist known as Nine Arts Dragon. Chun-Woo decides to take Ha-Jae as his disciple and teach him martial arts. Ha-Jae soon discovers that Chun-Woo is wanted by both the Murim Alliance and the S.U.C., as he holds a secret that could change the balance of power in the martial world. Ha-Jae also meets other characters who help or hinder him along his journey, such as Sera Kang, a beautiful swordswoman; Jin-Le Kwon, a ruthless assassin; Sosul Jang, a mysterious girl with healing powers; Ji-Gum Yoo, a genius hacker; Gym-Bum Yi, an old friend of Chun-Woo; Ha-ill Gang, a loyal ally of Chun-Woo; Mun-Gi Man, an ambitious politician; and Tae-shin Lee, a legendary master.

The main characters

  • Ha-Jae Kang: A timid and bullied teenager who becomes Chun-Woo’s disciple. He learns martial arts from him and gains confidence and courage. He also develops feelings for Sera Kang.
  • Chun-Woo Han: A charismatic and powerful martial artist who is known as Nine Arts Dragon. He has a mysterious past that involves his former master Goomoonryong (The Heavenly Way) and his former lover Shi-Ho Lee (The Black Heaven & Earth). He takes Ha-Jae as his disciple and protects him from various enemies.
  • Sera Kang: A beautiful swordswoman who belongs to one of the strongest clans in the Murim Alliance (The Iron Fist School). She has a strong sense of justice and loyalty. She initially dislikes Chun-Woo but later falls in love with him.
  • Jin-Le Kwon: A ruthless assassin who works for S.U.C. (The Sunwoo Clan). He has a personal grudge against Chun-Woo for killing his father (The White Phoenix). He uses poison needles as his weapon.
  • Sosul Jang: A mysterious girl who has healing powers that can cure any injury or illness. She is also connected to Goomoonryong’s secret technique (The Black Origin Threshold). She is kidnapped by S.U.C. but later rescued by Chun-Woo.
  • Ji-Gum Yoo: A genius hacker who helps Chun-Woo with information gathering and hacking skills. He is also an avid fan of martial arts webtoons.
  • Gym-Bum Yi: An old friend of Chun-Woo who runs an underground fighting arena (The Wilds). He supports Chun-Woo with money and resources.
  • Ha-ill Gang: A loyal ally of Chun-Woo who belongs to one of the strongest clans in Murim Alliance (The Heavenly Maiden School). He uses lightning-based techniques as his weapon.
  • Mun-Gi Man: An ambitious politician who wants to use Murim’s power for his benefit. He secretly collaborates with S.U.C. but later betrays them when he sees their true intentions.
  • Tae-shin Lee: A legendary master who is known as One Moon (The Lone Moon). He is one of the few people who can match Goomoonryong’s strength. He helps Chun-Woo when he faces danger.


The Breaker 3: Eternal Force is an interesting title for readers who enjoy action-packed stories with martial arts themes, dramatic twists, romance, humor, and mystery. It has stunning artwork, dynamic fight scenes, engaging characters, and intriguing plot developments.

➕ The art style and quality: The webtoon format allows for more detailed and colorful illustrations that enhance the visual appeal of the story. The characters are well-designed and expressive, and the action scenes are dynamic and fluid.

➕ The character development and growth: The webtoon shows how Ha-Jae transforms from a timid and bullied teenager to a confident and courageous martial artist under Chun-Woo’s guidance. It also explores Chun-Woo’s past and motivations, as well as his relationship with Sera.

➕ The world-building and lore: The webtoon creates a rich and immersive world of martial arts clans with their history, culture, politics, and secrets. It also introduces new concepts and techniques that add depth and complexity to the story.

➖ The change of format and name: Some readers may be confused or disappointed by the change of format from a manga to a webtoon, and the change of name from The Breaker to Eternal Force. They may feel that it is not a true continuation of the original series, or that it loses some of its charm and identity.

➖ The pacing and plot: Some readers may find the pacing too slow or too fast, depending on their preferences.

➖ They may also feel that some plot points are too predictable, clichéd, or unresolved. They may want more focus on Shi-Woon (the main character of the previous seasons) rather than Ha-Jae (the new disciple).

➖ The art style and quality: Some readers may not like the art style or quality of the webtoon, especially compared to the previous seasons. They may think that it is too simple, bland, or inconsistent. They may also prefer black-and-white illustrations over color ones.

Final thoughts

Overall, I think this title is worth reading if you are a fan of the previous seasons of The Breaker, or if you enjoy martial arts and action webtoons. It has its strengths and weaknesses, but it also has the potential to improve and grow. I hope you enjoyed this review.