The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years Review

The war against the demigods.



The struggles of a mage against demigods. In a world full of problems the demigods are messing with the progress of the world for their gain. A few powerful individuals recognize it and fight silently against them.


The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

Funny with good progression and a good story. Battles are a bit shallow.

Pros Cons
➕ Funny ➖ Romance
➕ Art ➖ Battles
➕ Development
➕ Lore


A universe that has gods and demigods with powerful monsters and magic. All humans depend on Magic to survive the world. The world and humans seem to tend to be evil but that is only because they are being led there. Demigods are using their divine powers to influence humans and other powerful races. A war between them happens but the demigods win and rule in the shadows for 4000.


Lucas, once the greatest mage the world has ever seen, reincarnates as the worst student of Westrod Academy, the disgrace of the Blake House, Frey. He continues his war against the demigods right after righting the wrong done to his avatar. The main character is very OP from the perspective of his peers. He has to fight against much more powerful enemies so it does make some sense.

Main Character

Lucas Trowman is a great mage with many powerful friends who were on the frontlines of the war against the demigods alongside the dragons. He loves older women cause he is over 4000 years old and stuff that adds to the comedy of the series. He is in a young body, Frey Blake, and many females around that age show interest but he only cares about the older women.

Final thoughts

It is worth reading. It has a good story. The main character is funny with depth to his character. The battles are a bit lacking as they usually are whoever has more power wins and is quite quick.