Trash of the Count’s Family Review

I will live a peaceful and lazy life as Cale.



Trash of the Count’s Family is a Korean manhwa (webtoon) based on a webnovel of the same name by Yoo Ryeo Han. It is a fantasy story about Kim Rok Soo, a modern-day office worker who gets reincarnated as Cale Henituse, a side character in his favorite novel “Birth of a Hero”. Cale is known as the trash of his noble family who causes trouble and gets involved in dangerous situations. Kim Rok Soo decides to live a peaceful and lazy life as Cale Henituse, but he soon realizes that his fate is intertwined with the main characters of the novel and their quest to save the world.


Trash of the Count’s Family

Trash of the Count’s Family is an entertaining and engaging manhwa that subverts some common tropes of fantasy stories.

Pros Cons
➕ Engaging ➖ Romance
➕ Art ➖ Battles
➕ Development

Main character


Kim Rok Soo/Cale Henituse is the main character of the manhwa. He is a smart, cunning and pragmatic person who values his safety and comfort above all else. He tries to avoid getting involved in anything troublesome or heroic, but he often ends up helping people in need and collecting powerful ancient artifacts. He has a loyal group of friends and subordinates who respect him for his kindness and generosity, even though he acts like he doesn’t care about them. He also has a unique ability called “The Sound of The World”, which allows him to communicate with various beings and forces in the world.


The plot of the manhwa follows Kim Rok Soo/Cale’s adventures as he travels across different kingdoms and continents with his companions. Along the way, he encounters various enemies and allies from the novel “Birth of a Hero”, such as Choi Han (the protagonist), Alberu Crossman (the crown prince), Ron Molan (the assassin), Raon Miru (the dragon), etc. He also discovers secrets about his past life, his current identity, and his role in the upcoming war against the White Star (the antagonist). The manhwa has elements of comedy, action, drama and romance.

Final thoughts

Trash of the Count’s Family is an entertaining and engaging manhwa that subverts some common tropes of fantasy stories. The main character is not a typical hero who wants to save the world or become stronger; instead, he is a reluctant anti-hero who just wants to live comfortably and quietly. The manhwa also has a diverse cast of characters who have their personalities, motivations and backgrounds. The art style is colorful and detailed, with expressive facial expressions and dynamic action scenes. The manhwa is still ongoing with more than 100 chapters released so far.